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compared to Yeezy 750 Boost, Yeezy went on sale last month 350 Boost light version seems to be not too good collocation, Shawn Yue, Wu Yifan and other domestic trend icon demonstration that perhaps you have seen, of course evaluation is also so this pair of slightly Different people, different views., difficult to Yeezy 350 Boost seems to be only Kanye can really taste out. Recently, Kanye West again on the foot of the new color, bringing the whole black Yeezy 350, Boost collocation. Dressed in camouflage overalls, black T-shirt and the street at the foot of Yeezy 350 Boost black version against making a map for the first time to let everyone see the new color model, although not yet available, but I believe that reading the latest Kanye shaped you for the Yeezy 350 Boost color has been full of expectation. For friends who have Yeezy, 350, Boost, or want to start, the Kanye West mix should be the standard example. fragment design x Air Jordan I in recent years is undoubtedly the most popular heavy shoes, Teng Yuan Hao and Jordan Brand is undoubtedly one of the two sides continued when the front is all more concern. The day before Teng Yuan Hao released a Air Jordan 2010 photos in the personal Instagram account, immediately caused infinite conjecture, it is fragment design x Air Jordan the next generation of shoes? As you can see from the diagram, the Air Jordan 2010 comes in full black color, and the vamp cortex seems to be more delicate than the previous model, but it still doesn't seem to be able to see any fragment design logo. Although the Air Jordan 2010 sparked heated debate, but according to experience should not be great may seem to belong to the joint of the next generation, after all the photos so clearly not too early exposure to belong to Jordan Brand's style, how will the future launch, we will bring you the follow-up reports.Have to Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale say ah, Air Jordan series of shoes of the new color, the reason for success, there are also Jordan, his son Marcus Jordan's credit, always bring us surprises! Today he again drying out a pair of Air Jordan 11 Low "Black Gum", black rubber outsole shoes color collocation, plus Jordan I have been wearing the shoes in training camp, is to let the sharp increase in popularity! At present, there is no information about the shoe sale information, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.The day before Adidas Originals's popular ZX Flux shoes launched a new summer color, designers use twill material to create a vamp, gradient gray tone, choose to black TPU blessing heel, finally to white midsole, filled with the whole low-key man, and through the material to ensure air permeability. It is reported that the shoes have now landed in some shops sold, the price of $110, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.The Washington Wizards headed guard John · wal IG drying out the self timer, of course, the most attractive place in the gym shoes on the foot, after the popular Nike Air Zoom Generation "first game", because the sale quantity, market price is much higher than the price. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Hello, I am hi, ha Ni, love the outdoors ha ni. Today has just opened account permissions can not wait to come and share. Simply say this account of the theme, or personal love sports, so may be more content and outdoor sports, such as fitness, running, basketball and so on. I hope love sports friends a lot of attention, more exchanges! Well OK, at first said today: as a novice how to panic buying new sets of shoes? has no Retro jordans for sale w become one of the current very popular topic, it is not only the dominant movement trend, but also makes a lot of shoes, shoes and shoes for the crazy friends of the results often lead to build up the family fortunes, good shoes, hard to find, whenever [] [] a limited word, all the subconscious is: "can the purchase price of Arabian Nights must be" because of the rarity of factors; shoes, star effect, sales strategy, after reselling the market, a pair of $more than 100 shoes instantly soared thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. In the face of price of shoes, most shoe friends can be prohibitive, resulting in more complaints, intentional assault, illegal, counterfeit goods and other sins software application. In view of this, vendors have improved the purchase plan, improve the fairness and security, through formal channels, with the price to buy shoes limited finally is not a dream. Today ha Ni mainly analyzes the online and offline panic buying shoes and shoes for the Raiders, old friends, you can skip this post. The first point: information collecting shoes even if the new shoes available at the time and place do not know is certainly not the first time to grab the favorite shoes. So the first hand information, buy shoes details is particularly critical. In addition to the usual must pay more attention to the latest information on micro-blog, Facebook, Instagram; you can also see other instant messaging platform, Nike Calendar, Kicksonfire recommended here, or more to join Facebook, micro-blog and other theme on Sneaker circle, we will share some information through the circle of shoes. second: days of queuing, draw we tend to look at other people at the foot of the shoes of the scenery, but do not know the hardships behind it. In simple terms, some people began queuing off, a few days before it is normal, this is a test of cheap foamposites psychological endurance, we link, field survival ability, and have strong physical fitness, essential umbrella, kettle, chocolate, chairs, tents, iPad, exposed to the weather, in addition to endure can not take a bath, passers-by crowd. So they can be more training, outdoor camping experience, to line up to buy shoes and lay a solid foundation; at the same time, the system can also make friends, lonely, will can't help people around to chat, after all "the same world line", actually very likely and are hired. but sometimes queuing will cause a confusing street, some shops so that the lottery sale, real name registration after the randomly selected results, eliminate the process of hard line. The winner will have text messages to inform, in a specified time.As a kind of innovative shoes Jordan Brand's Lab sneaker series has gained many popular early exposure of the Air Jordan 11Lab4 is to make us more happy, but the day before the network once again exposed a pair of shoes is very rare, it is unclear whether the Air Jordan 12 "OVO" Sample or Air Jordan 15Lab12 but, really want to see the brand in the late stage is added to the market force in the past. Nike KD 9 "Black Space" sale information 2016-09-12 11:19:08 days ago to introduce the dark color of a Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low, attracted a lot of people's attention. But with the release of today's KD 9 dark color, maybe it means that NikeBasketball will launch a series of "Black Space" shoes. This KD 9 overall black as the keynote, Swoosh is using gray embellishment, make it more low-key overall. Shoes will also be on sale in October 4th, priced at $150. every year in June are proud of LGBT crowd, the major brands will have launched "Be True" series, in support of this. After seeing Nike for its shoes Flyknit Racer to build the "Be True" color, this time again for the Air VaporMax Flyknit bring Cheap foamposites for sale s a new "Be True" version. The back of the shoe is covered with dark blue Flyknit fabric, with a translucent rainbow color. The sole is used as a decoration, which is a bright spot. It is reported that the series will be on the shelves in the near future, you would like to start with friends may wish to pay more attention to. The "murder caused a Steamed Buns" (the film "the promise"), to a foreign country, but there is one after another pairs of shoes riots and even shooting. The day before the tragedy staged again, with 20 foreign Air Jordan 11 LEGEND BLUE (release date of arrival, some stores early in order to avoid the tragedy ahead of FA, it means that the numbers of people have the opportunity to draw to buy shoes, but Houston in northern Willowbrook Mall stores, is still there some fans dissatisfied with the number of queues rather than to vent negative emotions, wanton destruction of the order, chaos hit shop doors and windows of the scene, the police finally dispatched police mediation. And in the area the shoes thread has not fully subsided down, in Ohio's Franklin Park Shopping Center also appeared in the same phenomenon, but the shoes many passions unabated, the scene mediation police have forced the police used pepper spray and of no avail to control. But these two incidents caused confusion in the scene just without casualties. For the shoes crazy pals to buy shoes, you really have to take life to play? Text: Julia source: sneakernews recently, Nike held the Air Lounge event in Beijing, where the Air Max Day series shoes that will be released in 3 months will be displayed on the spot, and bring the new Air Vapormax trial experience. March 26th is the 30th anniversary day of Air Max 1. In order to celebrate this event, a series of retro, mixed and innovative products will be launched in March. The complete Nike Air Max Day pro Cheap jordans online ducts were first shown in Air Lounge, Beijing. is full of bubbles in the time tunnel, Air Max 1, Air Max 90 Ultra Flyknit, Air Max atmos Elephant Air Max LD-Zero, 1, Air Max 1 Master, Air Max 1 Ultra 2 LE and Air Vapormax are all presented in front of people, go to the front of each pair of shoes will have exclusive music this is the transfer, "KISS MY AIRS not how you see" attitude with music, Max music reproduction Air story. The Revolution Never Ends on the wall, showing the air Air Logo over the years, with the birth of Air Vapormax, the new Air Logo is enabled, a series of Logo represents Nike "innovation, vitality and never stop", also let the field of sports shoes has become different. The Air Lounge activity site provides Air Vapormax's trial experience. The data show that the shoe is by far the lightest max air platform. It feels very light after the upper foot, and the upper body of Flyknit shoe is excellent. Air Vapormax cancelled the extra rubber on the outer surface of the Air air cushion, and put the upper part directly on the air cushion, so that people can feel the elasticity and feedback of the air cushion directly, and the flexibility is also greatly enhanced. is equipped with a rubber block with VaporMax Air air cushion in the easily worn part of the sole. The service life is guaranteed and the grip is provided at the same time. Air Vapormax will be released worldwide on the day of Air Max Day on March 26th, when the grand 2017 AIR MAX CELEBRATION celebrations will be held in Shanghai. Consumers can participate in the coverage of music, street culture, fashion art and so on.The has landed NikeStore official website, buy links: item: 649688-002 item: 378037-117 release date: December 20thPrice: Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2015-9-16 HD: six new Air Max 90 to the world of fashion. 2015 fall Air Max 90 City series on the basis of the continuation of the traditional basis, the tempting food and drink elements used in the shoe design of the color block. The six hot desserts used in the design of shoes are from six cities - New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and Milan. Each style is very different and is satisfied with a variety of aesthetic ideas. The 2015 fall Nike Women city series will be sold at Nike Sportswear designated retail stores and in mid September.Kevin Randy Williams Durant friends held in last week's OKSoles activity shows many KD ancient rare shoes, including the past not offering special styles of KD 4 'What the KD', ` KD '6' Velvet Hoop 'and' Wanda Pratt 'and' MVP 'and so on, and at the same time exposure KD 7 new colors, in addition to the previously reported in the' Away ',' Pony 'and' PG County ',' Gold Medal, red leather color ", and collocation rubber sole all black suede version, by many color currently released KD 7, the continuation of the 6 generation of plentiful firepower, very offensive strong. Since the publication of Boost is the key technology of Adidas is quite heavily, a white mini energy capsule bean brought plenty of fresh experience feedback, you let it become one of the focus of the market hot, the product application scope is expanding. This Boost appearance on the new show, across the technical limitations of success to decorate it color other than white, ushered in the "Color Boost" new appearance, over the past few months have also all information have been open, including Ultra Boost, NMD shoes are in the column; however now can confirm that day before the Adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged will be officially released on the new era of the door, foreign earlier has publicly selling information, the first wave of three in the bottom and upper color echoes are connected as a whole, stronger sense of full energy, the formation of the visual impact. Overseas scheduled for mid 7 sale, the Taiwan region has yet to be officially listed news. source: HypebeastPUMA and BWGH from France by creating this double nickname "Bluefield" beautiful works, real shoes have great texture, through the fabric and suede, fluffy trio, create a level of very deep feeling, in addition to the existing R968 OG street strong flavor, blue color collocation ingenious combination of woven shoelace has more BWGH brings French elegance, is a complete high degree of joint work! Taiwan will be available for sale tomorrow. Please refer to below sales information. PUMA R698 OG x BWGHThe sports brand Reebok's new Furylite series will be in Taiwan on January 13th officially on sale, has removed the original design of pneumatic button are characteristic and use the lacing system replaced, people are very looking forward to bring the shoes comfortable foot feeling. The first wave is expected to launch the male and female each two colors, the price is 2850 yuan, with to store information can refer to the Reebok Taiwan Facebook page. FURYLITE (male) model: M48254 〉 model: FURYLITE (female) model: source: SUPPA price: NT$release date: January 21st (six p.m. ) Japan Reebok Classic recently issued a message, the classic Reebok InstaPump equipped with Fury? Ultraknit and Citron color socks system, the initial interpretation, is another new beginning a journey that will be sold in limited ways and notice, on July 1st in Japan designated shop shelves, priced at 28080 yen (including taxes), type BS6367, in Japan? To store it for you to tidy up, want to try the classic shoes in new friends can now start planning (small outline tickets). for Reebok InstaPump Fury OG Ultraknit, and no big destruction of existing structures, it is similar with a pair of stockings, but the difference is that socks are made of woven fabrics made of Ultraknit? Zoku Runner, with the upper material, looking forward to the future there will be more of this weaving technology. In addition, Reebok Fury OG Ultraknit? InstaPump: when there is a small episode, when Reebok Claasic JP Instagram in the news release, some people will be labeled Reebok Fury InstaPump designer Steven Smith, asked him what advice for the new state? Steven jokingly said: "back to the it 's alright. I' ve seen worse.", is perhaps not particularly love does not exclude the meaning, but to the author, his love is most important. source: Instagram, by, Reebok, Claasic, JP / Sneaker, Freaker from last year released the quality improvement plan together with Remaster regression Air Jordan 5 silver color, the exposure is clearly real shoes, silver tongue and black details for all white uppers do collocation as the biggest feature, release date is April 4th of this year, priced at $$190. news source: us11hustlaThe Nike N7 project was started in 2000 to provide Native American youth in the sports and education, medical and other assistance, 2007 Nike further year by year for the design of exclusive products and the sale proceeds donated to the N7 foundation as for related matters. This year, Kyrie 3 also joined the ranks of N7, bright yellow, red spot all over the Swoosh Logo through the unique shape of the details, the tongue bite standard from the original KI logo replaced Nike N7 totem. In addition, it is worth noting that unlike previous years, the N7 series will be selected in November in the Native American Heritage Month sale, this year is ahead of the summer debut. Nike Kyrie 3 'N7' USA is scheduled to be sold at, Nike+ and designated stores on June 21st, and there is no news from the Taiwan region. source: Nike